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Two Earth's Cosmic Visitors on February 15, 2013

Both events are wakeup calls for the importance of defending the Earth from future asteroid impacts. Big impacts don’t happen often, but they will happen.”

- Bill Nye, Chief Executive Officer of The Planetary Society (click).




A little bit larger than usually, two cosmic bodies visited Earth: 
meteoroid, approx. size 15 meters,  7000 metric tons, impacted Earth near Chelyabinsk, Russia at about 3:20h UTC, speed 18 km/sec, 20° from NEE; It traveled through the atmosphere for about 30 seconds before breaking apart and producing violent airburst ‘explosion’ about 20-14 km above Earth’s surface, producing an energy shockwave equivalent to a 300 kilotons TNT explosion. That energy propagated down through the atmosphere, stuck the city below – the Chelyabinsk region has a population of about 1 million — and windows were broken, walls collapsed and there were other reports of minor damage throughout the city.

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asteroid 2012 DA14, size 45 meters, passed within 27,700 km Earth, speed 7.8 km/sec. 

Comet C/2012 A1 passing Mars on October 19, 2014, 18:51 UTC

 Comet C/2012 A1 Siding-Spring passing Mars  on October 19, 18:51 UTC