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Analyzing your Samples

You have collected sand samples and would like to have them analyzed by our Analyzer™: 
send your samples to us and after email anouncing that they are finished, you may download our results in Internet  
  • Remember: 
    as exact is your sampling — as exact (correct) will be our results.

Your sand samples must be free of any material not analyzable by sedimentation in water.
Your sand samples must:  

  1. consist of water-insoluble particles only,
  2. be within the grain size range of 0.05 – 4.0 mm only.
  3. be free of "dirt" (such as organics etc.), salt, etc. 
  4. be representative for your bulk sample, i.e. consist of about 20,000 particles.
    This particle number, for quartz and/or calcite density, gives the sample mass
    M = 25 d3 , where
    M — sample mass in grams
    d — the 10-percentile of grain size in millimeters.
    Coarse sand samples should have mass about 5 gram,
    medium sand samples should have mass about 1 gram, 
    fine sand samples should have mass about 0.2 gram. 

    Here ist the picture of our 20-sample box suitable for airmailing, outer dimensions 24 by 17 by 5 cm: 

    Sample Pack

  5. The sample amount must be never adjusted "by spoon", but by a precision rotational sample splitter. 
    Please send us multiples of 8 to 10 of the above given representative gram masses: we will divide them by our precision rotational sample splitter into the suitable sample sizes. This allows us to repeat the analyses and keep your samples in our back-up archive for the minimum of 1 year.