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Teaching Physical Science at University of Maryland Europe

I joined the University of Maryland's European Division as adjunct faculty in January 1973 and taught physical science in about 350 courses until July 2009 (37 years). Most courses met twice each week on Mondays through Thursdays evenings. There were also frequent noontime and weekend courses and recently also morning teaaching, 8:00h through 12:50h, at Schwaebisch Gmuend College. Altogether, I drove more than 1.5 million kilometers to teach at US Air Force and Army installations, such as: 

1 Aschaffenburg
2 Bad Kreuznach
3 Bamberg
4 Baumholder
5 Butzbach
6 Darmstadt Cambrai-Fritsch
7 Dexheim Anderson
8 Enkenbach Alsenborn
9 Frankfurt/M. Abrams
10 Germersheim Depot
11 Giessen Depot
12 Grafen Wöhr
13 Hanau Pioneer
14 Heidelberg Campbell
15 Heidelberg Hospital
16 Heidelberg Patton
17 HohenFels
18 Idar Oberstein
19 Kaiserslautern Kapaun
20 Kaiserslautern Kleber
21 Kaiserslautern ROB
22 Karlsruhe Gerszewski
23 Karlsruhe Smiley
24 Kirchheim-Bolanden
25 Landstuhl
26 Mainz
27 Mainz Finthen
28 Mannheim Coleman
29 Mannheim Funari
30 Mannheim Spinneli
31 Mannheim Sullivan
32 Mannheim Taylor
33 Mannheim Turley
34 Miesau
35 Neckarsulm
36 North Point
37 Pirmasens Husterhoeh
38 Ramstein AB
39 Rhein-Main AB
40 Schwetzingen Tompkins
41 Sembach
42 Stuttgart Böblingen Panzer
43 Wiesbaden Army
44 Wiesbaden Lindsey AB
45 Worms Taukkunen
46 Würzburg-Leighton
47 Zweibrücken AB
48 Zweibrücken Army


I have had the pleasure of meeting more than 7,000 students in my courses, and I love them all. They deserve my thanks, for they have taught me a lot! I thank them for their time & interest in my teaching and professional research. They motivated me greatly in the courses I taught, and especially in my emphasis on the role of mathematics in our lives and the universe. 

I provided each student with a special course guide, which I wrote and printed at home. With each guide having an average of 20 pages, this amounted to more than 140,000 pages two-sided printed on my laser, first black and white, later in color, always bound in plastic cover; production was, therefore, quite an investment of time and effort. 

US installations - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_States_Army_installations_in_Germany . 

Please, read My Teaching Principles.  I wrote the original version for my Charles University students in Czech — click here: http://www.granometry.com/index.php/en/jiribrezina 


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