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The Charles University in Prague – my Alma Mater – was founded in 1348 and is one of the world’s oldest universities. Today it has 17 faculties (schools) – 14 of them in Prague.

I began my study of geology in 1951 at the Faculty of Natural Science and advanced in my studies to:

  • Diploma in Geology and Geochemistry (equivalent to the Bachelor of Science degree) on 28 Sep, 1956;
  • the Aspirant Minimum (Dissertation) in Sedimentary Petrography (equivalent to the Master of Science degree) on 30 Mar, 1962; 
  • the Candidate of Sciences in Mineralogy and Petrography (equivalent to the PhD) on 15 December, 1967.

I would like to pass some of my 50 years' experience in science on to the students of my Alma Mater, specifically in the following fields:

  • Sand Texture Sedimentology
  • Planetology 

The Department of Petrology invited me to present some of my research in Sand Texture Sedimentology in their seminars:

  • “Sedimentation Analysis of Sand-Sized Materials” (in Czech) at the 54th Petrological Seminar,
     April 1990;
  • “Sedimentation of Particles with Irregular Shape (Merging of the Stokes’ & Newton’s Laws and their Extension to Non-spherical Particles)” (in Czech) at the Extraordinary Petrological Seminar,
    November 1992.

Currently, the Department of Geology has offered me the opportunity to present Planetology for Geologists as a 3-credit course with Laboratory in the winter semester 2011-2012. Students are welcome to choose from 3 languages: Czech, English or German.