Biography Introduction: 

  1. I am lucky. I love everything — the world, universe, nature, people and its culture reflected in the language;
  2. I love learning — disclosing pieces of the world wisdom;
  3. I love sharing my luck — teaching; exposing the nonsense of harming others, as by hate and war;
  4. Lye is error, error is time lost; 
  5. Political correctness is public lye; 
  6. Expose the nonsense of religion-exclusivity leading to the extermination of others;
  7. Expose the responsibility of those at the top (the rulers, the powerfuls) — of Homo sapiens and of its reproduction;
  8. Like other powers, human reproduction is responsible for itself; it must control itself to avoid extinction — the most common feature of the life evolution;
  9. We are on this planet — our teacher and cosmic spacecraft — for such a short time...

Since my earliest age (about 6), my father taught me to join the best individuals and avoid the stupid ones — they are dangerous, because they hate others, and they are lost time. I followed his wisdom and appreciate it until today.  


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  1. 1933
  2. 1955
  3. 1968
  4. 1968-72
  5. GranoMetry
  6. Teaching
  7. My Projects
  8. My Favorite Music