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We have kept our EURO prices stable since the introduction of the EURO currency (€, EUR) in 2002. For a price estimate in your currency (at the current exchange rate), click the small down arrow on the right side of the "Select Your Currency" toolbar in the Price Table below. 

The total cost of our Sand Sedimentation Analyzer (MacroGranometer™ 2013), is 54,555 €, and that of our Sand Sedimentation Separator™ 2013 (3S™), is 61,200 €. These figures include five on-site days for our installation work and personnel training, but not our travel expenses, food and lodging. Also not included is the cost of the Base and Elevated Operation Platform, shipping costs, and customs duty. Most clients themselves can more economically produce the Base and the Elevated Operation Platform. However, for an additional 5,110 € , we can include our installation of a Base and Elevated Operation Platform, all travel, and transportation costs in Europe. If you purchase both instruments at the same time, a 5% discount on both instruments is available.

The SedVar™ data processing software is included in the MacroGranometer™ system. 
SedVar™ is also available separately for 2,455 €. Our Shape™ software is 2,550 €.


Price Table

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Short Description                                                              25.641 CZK/€UR


Select Your Currency 
1 Standard Sedimentation Analysis of your data (minimum of 10 analyses) 10 each. 10  
2 Standard Sedimentation Analysis of your samples (minimum of 10 samples) each. 49  
3 SedVar ™ Number Conversion & Table Generation software; useful for anybody. 360  
4 SedVar ™ Distribution Processing software of the ASCII files generated by the MacroGranometer (item 3 is included). 2455  
5 Shape ™ Program; processes both the MacroGranometer ™ and sieving data (ASCII files). By their matching, it can calculate the variable SF (Shape Factor) values. 2550  

Base & Platform for item 7 (MacroGranometer™) or for item 8 (3S ™) — includes installation, travel and transportation in Europe.

Most users can more economically produce and install this option themselves following our CAD drawings and instructions.
7 Sand Sedimentation Analyzer 2013 (SSA, MacroGranometer 2013™), complete analyzing system — includes the instrument's Measuring, Operation and Distribution Processing Software (SedVar, items 3 and 4) — but not the items 5 and 6. 54555  
8 Sand Sedimentation Separator 2013 (3S™), complete separation system — includes installation, travel, and transportation in Europe — but not the item 6. 61200  




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